Long after the flowers have faded

I have heard it over and over. “I don’t care about the flowers, they just die”. My heart sinks every time I hear this. It’s true flowers do die but think about this, do you wear your wedding dress over and over?

Flowers create the ambiance for your wedding day. Oftentimes flowers add the most personal stamp to the wedding-day decor. Flowers tie together the color palette; the varieties of the blooms chosen speak to whether the style is “romantic and gardeny” or “casual and wildflowery” or “modern and minimalist”; the flowers you choose can represent abundance or refinement; flowers are your perfect accessory (to your dress, your venue, your table linens, you name it!).

Plus, think about the pictures. The pictures will be the only link to your memories of that day and wouldn’t they look “boring” or “bland” without flowers.

You don’t have to have flowers dripping from the rafters, but a few stems here and there will create an eye pleasing and overall positive experience for your guests. Ask about our simple wedding floral packages. They are an economical, beautiful and will add a beautiful touch to your event.

DIY or hire a professional?

That is the big question. There are definite advantages to both, but here are 5 real reasons why you should hire a professional.

  1. DIY is not always cheaper. Table centerpieces are the most popular thing for brides to DIY, but if your not careful, it could end up costing you more. The amount of time and energy it takes to run around to stores, shop online (don’t forget shipping costs) and construct the centerpiece yourself can add up in a hurry.

  2. The stress! There is a lot to do a few days before the big event such as nails, hair etc. Will you have the time and energy to create your wedding flowers the day before? Does running errands, schlepping buckets of water sound like fun just before your big day? Why not enjoy yourself and savor the moment. You will be glad you did since you will be more “present” and able to remember the day better as you get older.

  3. Florists have professional training and work for years learning and understanding which blooms work well and which don’t. Knowledge goes a long way when it comes to flowers like how to make hydrangeas last longer, how to properly process flowers, and how to make that perfect ball shape you saw in your Pinterest board.

  4. What if something goes wrong? What if you ordered flowers online and they arrived wilted and not usable? What if the colors you thought you where getting turned to be totally wrong? What if there was a hurricane in Miami and shut down flower imports (this is a true story by the way). Things can go wrong, but an experienced professional can smooth out the wrinkles behind the scenes leaving you blissfully unaware and stress free.

  5. True stories. I once was setting up a wedding on a Saturday and ran into a bride from a wedding the night before. Well to cut costs, they made their own centerpieces, set them up and had to come the next day to pick them up. Well, the groom wasn’t much help since he was too hung over to help. She ended up doing most of the work herself! Another time a couple wanted to save money by having family and friends set everything up and take it down. Most venues require take down at midnight and they mean it. Well the couple thought that the party ended at midnight but the venue meant they and all their stuff had be out at midnight. No matter how much stuff you have, it takes about an hour to tear down. Needless to say, the couple got charged for another hour and cost them even more. Those are small details that experienced professionals know about.

I don’t mean to scare you out of DIY, these are just things to think about. Don’t be shy to ask your florist about affordable options. Not only that, but you won’t have to sell the table numbers, crates, vases etc online!

Destination wedding in Manistee, Michigan

Michigan is such a great place to get married! I had the honor of creating a beautiful wedding at Portage Point Resort in Beautiful Manistee this past May. This resort is over 100 years old and has all the character and charm of a 20th century resort. It reminds me of the resort in the movie “Dirty Dancing” and is very well maintained.

The bride requested white peonies with lots of greenery. I love this classic, timeless look and all the textures of greenery added to the romantic setting. The bouquets consisted of white peonies, white stock, 3 types of eucalyptus and accent flowers. They paired well the ice blue dresses.

The reception was in the main hotel with lots of windows overlooking the bay. The room is open and airy and we installed bistro lights and greenery above the dance floor. It was magical! There where two kinds of centerpieces. One was 5 clear cylinders with white pillar candles with greenery around the base. This simple centerpiece is such an elegant statement. The other centerpieces where bowls of white peonies, white roses and white hydrangeas. Classy, all the way!

If you are thinking of a destination wedding, I highly recommend West Michigan. Our fresh coast is dotted with the cutest towns and Lake Michigan makes a great back drop for pictures! What is your favorite resort town?

Faux wedding bouquet rental

Hello and welcome to my blog. So how does faux wedding bouquet rental work? Well, first we will talk about your dreams and inspirations for your wedding such as venue, time of year, dress colors etc. Next I will create a proposal with inspiration pictures custom to your wedding criteria. It’s that easy!

Why rent artificial wedding flowers?

  1. Because they look great in pictures! Seriously, faux flowers photograph very well and look as good if not better then the real thing.

  2. You don’t have to worry about the weather. Hot weather and rain is very hard on fresh flowers. With faux, your flowers will look great for your entire event!

  3. They are more economical then fresh. An average fresh bridal bouquet can be around $200. Faux rentals are about half of what fresh are.

    It’s that simple. Let’s get started putting your dream wedding together. Click on the button below to contact me. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Allow me to introduce myself

Hello and welcome to Wildberry Floral Design! My name is Brenda and I LOVE flowers! It all started when I was 13 years old. I worked at a small farm across the street and cut flowers to be sold at farmers markets. I don’t know if it was the mud between my toes or the cute guy driving the tractor, but I was hooked. I went on to get my bachelors degree in sales and marketing and set out to rule the business world. There was only one problem. I hated it. I started suffering from panic attacks and became very ill with depression. I soon learned that the office environment wasn’t for me.

After recovering from debilitating depression, I got a job at the largest flower shop I Grand Rapids. 22 years later, I am here challenging myself to run my own business. Running my own business allows me the freedom to set my own hours and it challenges me. I always love a good challenge.

I am new to this self employed world but I have many years of experience in the floral industry and deep knowledge of all things floral. Please join me through this floral journey. You will find tips, tricks and inspiration. Trust me, something beautiful is about to happen!