Wildberry Floral Design

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Wildberry Floral Design is a full service floral design studio offering Grand Rapids wedding services, funeral flowers, workshops and freelance design.

Floral design workshops

Do you belong to a special group of 6 or more people such as a church group, womens group or garden club?  Wildberry Floral Design offers custom floral design workshops that can be created just for your group!  They are super easy and fun with no floral design experience needed.  We have done workshops for Girl Scouts, GEMS groups, garden clubs and friends looking for a fun experience. All you have to do is contact Brenda at 616-498-0219 and she will guide you through the process.  Many people are surprised at their creations and get a lot of gratification from the experience.  All tools and supplies are provided.  

Quick and simple tips to keep fresh flowers lasting longer

Put an aspirin in the water, put bleach in the water, poke a hole in tulip stems.  Have you heard these before?  I sure have.  Unfortunately these tips are about as reliable as my local phone company.  So here are the tried, true and tested tips to keep fresh flowers lasting their full potential.

  1. Use a clean vase - da right?  You would be surprised at how the smallest dust particles can clog the stem of a flower.
  2. Give the flowers a fresh cut - just like humans, flowers start to "scab" over as soon as they are cut.  By cutting them, you are reopening the veins that carry water to the head of the flower.
  3. Remove any foliage that would be under water.  Foliage breaks down fast causing harmful bacteria and a nasty smell.  Bacteria then can clog the stem of the flower reducing it life.
  4. Change the water everyday - If you don't do anything, at least do this.  Do you like drinking good clear water?  So do flowers.  They like it cold but no need for the ice cubes and curly straw.
  5. Keep flowers cool - flowers are like some of us women in our middle ages.  We like it cool and out of the sun or away from heat sources such as a heater or oven.  
  6. If your flowers come in a vessel with oasis or chicken wire - just add water to make sure they don't dry out.  

So the next time Grandma tells you to put vodka in your vase of flowers just smile, nod and take a shot for yourself.  Your flowers will thank you for it.



Floral designing the natural way

Nothing brings me greater joy then going outside and harvesting material to design with.  Nature provides us with so much and I always look to it for inspiration.  These boutonnieres where created from all plants in my garden such as maple leaves, beauty berry, dried hydrangeas and mums.  The colors of fall work in harmony together so choosing a color palette is easy.  I hope this inspires you to go out and just try.  Don't worry if it lasts, looks weird or whatever.  The more you try designing with nature, the more your eyes will open up to the possibilities.  

IMG_0559 (2).JPG